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Thunderbird Bracelet

Mens Turquoise & Coral Native American Cuff Bracelet by Chimney Butte

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TURQUOISE & Coral Mens Cuff Bracelet! Chimney Butte Native American Jewelry.

This large Turquoise Coral Mens Cuff Bracelet is incredibly bold with it's design and build quality. Sterling Silver Thunderbird on both sides of the bracelet with coral accents on the wings. Thick silver bezel with twist wire borders. Large piece of No. 8 turquoise tops off this heavyweight turquoise cuff bracelet.  

Native American Indian Artist Eric Chase Nelson lived at Kykotsmov, Arizona as a child. it is the oldest continually inhabited village in North America. There he was first introduced to pottery, carving, and jewelry making. The seed of self expression was planted. "I learned that one's work, its beauty, is a mirror of one's soul. By doing your art, you could express yourself and show respect for those around you. They are your teachers and mentors. A teacher exists not only in those that possess documents claiming such attributes, but the teacher exists in those with a need to give."

Native American Artist | Eric Chase Nelson

Chimney Butte Turquoise Cuff Bracelet Description Details:

  • Circumference: 7"
  • Adjustable Gap: 1.5”
  • Bracelet Width: 3" at widest
  • Bracelet Weight: 200 grams
  • Chimney Butte Hallmark
  • No. 8 Turquoise
  • Red Coral
  • Sterling Silver

Bracelet can be adjusted to fit smaller or larger wrists.