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Why Silver Jewelry Is A Great Choice

A Few Reasons Why Silver Jewelry Is A Great Choice For What To Wear Silver jewelry is quickly becoming very popular in today's fashions, and with good reason. Below is a brief discussion of all the reasons why silver jewelry just might be the best choice for your next outfit.

A Great Color

Unlike the very popular yellow gold, silver jewelry doesn't have the harsh, red or yellow undertones that can clash with some of your outfits. The subtle silver color of a fine piece of silver jewelry will look wonderful laid against everything from jeans to a hunter green evening gown. Placing a pair of simple silver studs in your ears can go a long way to at a bit of fun sophistication to just about any outfit you can imagine.

Silver Jewelry Compliments Your Skin

One of the great things about silver jewelry is that just about anyone can wear it next to the skin and it still looks great. If you're an African American woman, you know that the cool look of silver is a great contrast to your warm skin tone. And the color of the silver jewelry also adds a great glow to those with a lighter skin tone.

Price Is Right

If you pay attention to the price of precious metals, you know that the price of yellow gold is getting close to about $1280 per troy ounce. Silver, on the other hand, is priced somewhere between $12 and $20 per troy ounce. If you were investing in the precious metals, you would definitely want to go with gold, but as a buying of silver jewelry, having a lower cost for the initial investment makes purchasing your favorite pieces of jewelry that much easier.

A Surprisingly Great Investment

Silver jewelry is one of those items that simply don't go out of style. If you think back to your grandmother or grandfather, chances are they had a few pieces of quality silver jewelry located in various places around the house. I also bet that if you found a ring or two in that old house, picked them up, cleaned them and placed them on your finger, they would look just as good as they did thirty, fifty or even a hundred years ago.
Silver has a staying power that is hard to match in any other type of precious metal out there.

Endless Gemstone Possibilities

Think of your favorite gemstone. Now imagine it in a silver jewelry setting. Odds are it would look like it belonged there from day one. Silver has a cool, subtle look to it that allows the fire of just about any gemstone to be highlighted in a way that makes just about everyone take notice.

Silver jewelry can accent your skin and clothes, bring just about every gemstone to a fiery life, and still are within the average person's budget. Why wouldn't you want to have this type of jewelry in your jewelry box at home?