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Vintage Biker Rings

What is a biker ring? Think of them as brass knuckles, but legal to wear in public. Most of these rings are big and bad with skulls and crossbones, Indian Heads, and other wicked themes! They were originally made in Mexico out of Silver and Brass. Today you can find them on Rock Stars to Movie Stars. They have moved out of the realm of Outlaw Biker to the world High Fashion and Collectors. The real collectable Biker Rings tend to be made by hand by a craftsmen down in Mexico or here in the states. It used to be that bike clubs in the 60's and 70's would go down south of the border and party with the locals and bring back one of these $5.00 souvenir rings. Today they can command up to $1000 for an Aztec warrior or huge piece of turquoise mounted in a massive ring. I really dig this style of ring and hope to be adding more to the Die Volt Collection.