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The History Of Egyptian Jewelry

When you think of Egypt, you usually think of pyramids and the sphinx. However, Egyptians are also know for their exquisite jewelry. Egyptian jewelry evokes the history and culture of the people who once brought us the magnificent pyramids. In fact, Egyptian jewelry is made by people whose families have been making this type of jewelry for generations. If the same people who brought us the pyramids also make jewelry, you can only imagine just how fantastic it truly is.

Egyptian jewelry is full of history and significance. The jewelry is often crafted using symbols and materials that tell the story of who these people were, are and where they're going. Relics of this jewelry have been found in tombs and historical sites for many years. These relics have been used to create reproductions of the Egyptian jewelry that you can find in stores these days.

The Pharaohs

This ancient and beautiful jewelry was often used by the ancient pharaohs. These pharaohs were also buried with much of their jewelry in their tombs. Most museum exhibits include Egyptian jewelry as part of their showcases. That's because the Egyptians made some of the most beautiful jewelry to date.

Even though the makers of this ancient jewelry are long gone, you can often find imitations sold today. Many jewelry makers have created a market for recreated Egyptian jewelry, and therefore you can find reproductions of most of the jewelry worn in the ancient Egyptian times online or in specialized stores. We have discovered many things about the ancient Egyptian people, and therefore we have copied many of their styles and ideas, and incorporated them into our lives.

Egyptian jewelers for the most part use gold in the production of most pieces. Go to any museum and you'll see mummies buried with loads of gold Egyptian jewelry. Of course, some of the tombs that were supposed to be kept buried were ravaged by scavengers and most of the Egyptian jewelry was taken. However, many museums have reclaimed these treasures to include them in their exhibits to show others the wonders of that time.

If you're looking for Egyptian jewelry to wear, you can find it in Egypt, of course, or you can search online. If you're looking for ancient Egyptian jewelry, the chances are high that what you'll get are replicas. However, if you're looking to evoke the history, the culture and the beauty of these ancient times, then wearing replicas of jewelry from this great time in history might be the next best thing to owning the real thing.