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Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry is among some of the most historically significant jewelry found in the United States today. Native American jewelry can still be found worn at traditional Pow Wows and Native American functions, and can also be found for sale in many different areas of the United States. This jewelry is made by people whose families have been making this type of jewelry for generations.

Native American jewelry is full of history and significance. The materials used are often the same materials that were used hundreds of years ago among Native American tribes. Quite notably, the symbols and animals that are used in the jewelry hold special significance to certain rituals and customs. Native Americans often considered their jewelry a very important aspect of their culture and the pieces themselves tell stories of the Native American people and their history.

Where Can You Find Native American Jewelry?

This type of jewelry can usually be found at Native American functions or in specialized stores. It is helpful to buy the Native American jewelry from someone who understands the jewelry and the significance behind each piece. Many Native American reservations will also sell this type of jewelry. If you don't want to go anywhere, take a look out our collection. We are always adding to our collection online at DieVoltVintage.

What Does Native American Jewelry Look Like?

Native American jewelry usually contains many different and vibrant colors, and is usually made up of glass, plastic beads and leather. Most Native American jewelry is very significant to the jewelry maker, and different pieces of jewelry are worn for different reasons in many of the Native American religions.

In history, each person's jewelry would tell the story of their lives, along with the clothing that they wore. Pieces of jewelry were given to people for different and significant tasks and achievements. In this way, your life story could be told to your children and grandchildren, because your jewelry would be passed on to them, along with the story of your life.

Native American jewelry can come in many different styles, but it is very important to understand why you are wearing a certain piece of jewelry. There are pieces that ward off certain spirits, pieces that hope to bring certain things, and pieces that have certain and distinct meanings within the Native American community. Each piece of Native American jewelry tells a story, and the wearer should be aware of what they have. The jewelry is very rich in history, unique, beautiful and is capable of making a very important fashion statement.