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A General Guide To Jewelry Repair

Humans have adorned themselves with jewelry for thousands of years. Families have passed down jewelry to their family for generations. Jewelry is not just precious; it can have sentimental value and be precious to an individual even though it may not have any monetary value. Usually when jewelry has been in a family for generations or if you find a new piece of jewelry that you enjoy, you may eventually have to consider the topic of jewelry repair.

Depending on the quality of your jewelry it may or may not be fixable if it breaks. If the jewelry is of a fairly decent quality, it is quite possible that it can be fixed, depending on the extent of the damage. If the piece is of cheap metal or just didn't cost that much to begin with, jewelry repair may not even be an option.

Jewelry Repair Options

Some types of damage to jewelry may be repairable at home. Depending on the type of damage, jewelry repair can be quite easily fixed. If a clasp breaks on a necklace that is definitely something that can be repaired at home, since clasps are readily available at any hobby store. Home jewelry repair is probably not an option if a stone comes out of a setting or if the metal itself physically breaks for some reason.

Taking damaged jewelry to a repair shop is always an option. Jewelry repair shops know what they are doing when it comes to fixing a wide variety of items. They can quite easily restring a necklace, reset a stone, or even do the simpler things such as fixing a broken clasp. If the metal itself is broken, it may be fixable, but you would have to check in with a professional to determine whether the item is salvageable.

Even if jewelry repair is not an option for a nicer piece, sometimes a jeweler can take the item and remake it into something else. Especially if the jewelry is a family piece, you will probably want to do whatever it takes to repair it. Jewelry repair can also reshape a piece into something else. For example, if the metal itself is damaged or broken, it may be possible to take the stones out and reset them in a pair of earrings or a brooch.

Jewelry repair, just like any other specialty, can range from a simple fix-it job to a complex reworking of a piece. If your piece is extensively damaged or you just don't know how to fix it yourself, consult the experts at a jewelry repair shop.